Why Us?


We’re a leading provider in education solutions and teachers education

We are the leading provider of training in educational testing and professional assessment.  We have a successful track record of delivering high quality face-to-face and online training programmes to schools, colleges and universities, children’s services, government, charities and the private sector.

Our courses  for teacher development are developed  by leading practising education professionals with chartered teacher status

Certified by the British School of Outdoor Education

As a leading provider, we deliver the best thinking, teaching and practice using the latest online learning technologies.

Building teachers confidence and skills

Each module  of courses we deliver will help you to develop the key confidence and core skills to meet the needs of the most vulnerable learners. 

This will provide real benefits to 

  • Your professional development. 
  •  Improve outcomes for vulnerable learners. 
  • Identify children’s needs early. 
  • Understand a range of interventions and their effectiveness. 
  •  Raise awareness among your colleagues. 
  • Explain the importance of particular approaches and interventions. 
  • Develop further career initiatives

Giving you more

We offer more than just CPD learning. 

Certified by the British School of Outdoor Education

Our very own virtual learning environment – features learning experiences and activities that will give you the practical edge using your phone.

Discuss and create forums with fellow teachers

Take a rewarding and collaborative course, taken at your own pace, in a setting and time which suits your professional and personal life.

Our practice-led learning modules are structured around carefully designed learning experiences that engage directly with your own professional context.

Supporting theory, reflection and example activities will help you explore different aspects of your own and others’ practice. 

The range of activities include: video and multimedia content, case-study and problem-based scenarios, directed reading, structured learning logs, online discussion, online questionnaires, peer evaluation and webinars.

Qualifications with credibility

Grow your CPD with us and you will discover highly respected courses validated by the National Registration bodies recognised by other organisations 

Other Benefits

  • Get digital tools,
  • Professional emails
  • Legal support for employment and housing related issues 
  • Get professional ID card
  • Affordability and value for money