Socio-Emotional Learning in Schools

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Socio-Emotional Learning


Taking this course on  social and emotional skills helps to make  you an all-around better student. 

You are  better able to cope with stress, be respectful and empathic to one another, and they are able to accept themselves more. 

SEL is  labelled as 21st century skills, soft skills, non-cognitive skills, or character attributes, SE skills have been shown to be malleable and linked to academic, career, and life success.

Social-emotional (SE) skills include the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary for you to-

  •  recognize and control their emotions and behaviors; 
  • establish and maintain positive relationships; 
  • make responsible decisions and solve challenging situations; 
  • and set and achieve positive goals.

Based on this evidence, promoting these skills in young people has become a priority for both schools and after-school settings.