Project management for teachers

Gain Project Management Certification in education and expand your career.

Teach project management or manage educational projects for Ministry of Education and or sub agencies of government.


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Project Management For Teachers

Project Management For Teachers

The Project Management  for Teachers® provides a training for teachers as well as a modular, user-friendly resource that teachers can use to help prepare youth aged 12-18 to be able to develop Project Management skills that will make youth college and career ready. 

The materials use a project learning approach to teach students the universal life, learning, and professional skills of project management.

Through the Project Management Toolkit for Teachers®, teachers will gain the following: 

  • An understanding of project management and how to help students develop the skills to successfully manage their classroom projects

  • A complete set of tools inclusive of warm-ups, lessons, rubrics and assessments to integrate project management skills and knowledge into their classroom

  • An understanding of how to teach students to co-manage projects using the materials from the Project Management Toolkit for Teachers® 

On Gaining your Certification

  • Teach Project Management in your school
  • Manage Educational projects for govt agencies
  • Have your consultancy agency

Why Schools MUST teach Project Management


Should You Be Becoming More Competitive?

 By offering a program in project management, you will be joining an international group of institutions ready to lead in an educational market that is experiencing incredible demand.

 From this position of competitive advantage, you will be able to attract top-level students seeking careers in this valuable discipline; and extend this educational offering beyond your classrooms and into continuing and corporate education. 

Taking the Next Step The need for project managers is only going to increase…and more and more institutions are going to begin offering their own programs. 

Faced with navigating a confusing array of competing programs and incompatible curricula, students and prospective employers will begin to search for a universal, internationally accepted standard for quality education in project management. 

Just as importantly, it also makes a public statement about the deep commitment of the institution and  to ongoing evaluation and continuous quality improvement in improving the lives of youth and skill level.

 A World of Need for Project Managers 

The fact that 1/5 of the world’s GDP (U.S. $12 trillion) is being spent on projects this year reflects the global need for project management. 

Project management is identified as the primary success factor by organizations that range from global business to governments and NGOs and schools 

The widening gap between the supply and demand for skilled project managers is projected to reach crisis proportions with as much as U.S. $4.5 trillion of the global GDP at risk by 2016. 

A World of Opportunity for Institutions to Become More Competitive...

Schools are rising to the challenge by offering courses in project management;

  •  Hundreds build project management certification
  •  Schools facing increasing competition for the best 21st century schools whilst facilitating students accreditation in project management is certainly providing a decisive advantage 

..for Students to Lead in a Dynamic New Field

  • Investment in students future
  • Graduates with project management certification enter a job market that has already identified candidates with their skill-set as its number one hiring priority. 

Seizing the Opportunity?

 A World of Projects 

Data collected by the World Bank Reveal that more than one-fifth of the world’s gross domestic product is being spent on project-based work. 

This has led to an inexorable shift away from traditional management models toward a new paradigm of project management. It has also resulted in a dramatic increase in the need for skilled project managers. 

A World of Need 

And it’s not just business. The global need for skilled project management is being raised by such organizations as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the African Union, ECOWAS.

The Demand is Increasing 

The need for project managers would grow faster than the average for all other occupations combined. 

The Opportunity is Yours 

Organizations are relying upon educational institutions like yours to meet this need. Only you can educate the skilled youths that they are waiting to hire and perform the research needed to advance this vital discipline .

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