Continuous Professional Development


What do you do first

Complete your teacher self assessment to know your skills level. 

This is an important  step to build your path in your teaching career. 

Are you looking to be a-

  • School leader
  • Subject Leader
  • Education Consultant

As a recommendation

After completing the test-

  •  Take  course  here on creating career plan.
  •  Create your own career plan with the digital tools provided
  • Select CPD courses relevant to your career path
  • Cant find any? let us know

To a take a test 

New CPD Courses Added

Our range of continuing professional development (CPD) courses help teachers and school staff to up-skill and become confident in new areas of the curriculum and teaching concepts. 

Covering innovative teaching techniques, practices and resources, these 100% online CPD courses encourage peer-to-peer learning and allow teachers to fit study around existing school commitments.