What is Parents Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is not merely a description of your school parents . It tells you what prospective Parents are thinking and doing as they weigh their options of whether they enrol their child.

School Parents Personas are situated at the heart of any marketing strategy

Parents School Persona


Build Marketing Around The School Parents' Needs, Not Yours

How your school should use parents personas

It’s not enough to know your buyer – if you want to influence your persona’s buying decision, you need to thoroughly understand the choices they make at every step in their journey. Through unscripted, double-blind interviews with recent buyers in your target market, we reveal your persona’s profile plus:.

  • Personal and business drivers that trigger investment in your category
  • Capabilities and benefits that affect your buyer’s selection process
  • Concerns that cause buyers to delay the purchase or choose a competitor
  • The buyer’s decision process and which personas are key influencers
  • Clarity about how many personas you need and how to define them

Get buyer personas that reveal your persona’s entire buying experience, plus skilled guidance on a plan to exceed their expectations.

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Marketing personas allow you to craft effective, targeted messages that speak directly to each customer group.

In your personal life, you share important messages differently depending on who you want to reach.

Understanding your School parents personas allows you to understand the best ways to reach each of your different parents groups, just as you intuitively know how to best reach and speak to different groups of people in your personal life.